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    Marin Independent Journal - Take A Walk on the Wild Side, With Wildflowers

    Jolie Egert Elan wants Marin residents to consider learning about the world of native edible or medicinal plants in a novel way. Get to know them in the same way you’d approach going to a big party, Elan says. “At first, you don’t know anyone. Then you meet a couple of people and maybe you can recognize their faces in a crowd. Next, you remember their names.” It may take a few more introductions before you begin to know their stories and to whom they’re related. “After some time, there is no way that you would mistake that person for another and that’s how it is with plants,” she says. “See more   
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    Planting Ideas - A Mill Valley Library First Friday Event

    In the modern era, literature and science have generally been seen as separate if not opposite. As it turns out, art and science have more in common than not. In concert with the launch of SeedSmart, the Mill Valley Public Library's Seed Lending Library, we present a lively and multifaceted conversation with poet Amy Glynn, ethnobotanist Jolie Lonner Egert, watershed consultant Apryl Uncapher, and seed company co-founder N. Astrid Hoffman. Click here for the video of this presentation
    more > Article - Jolie Acornseed: Educator plants Kernels of Jewish wisdom

    Jolie Egert is a plant whisperer. A Jewish plant whisperer. She’s also a bit of an evangelist — for acorns. The Fairfax-based educator, botanist and herbalist is such an enthusiastic proponent of the ancient nuts, in fact, she is known to don squirrel puppets and a felt acorn hat while giving presentations about them.
    more > Article - Acorns: Not just for squirrels anymore

    It's acorn season. They're falling by the barrel-load into our yards and parks, littering the ground with squirrel food. But Jolie Lonner Egert doesn't see this as a nuisance... Read the article here.
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    “Why Flowers Excite Me” an Interview with Jolie Egert on Holistic Health Perspectives

    The ever wonderful Jolie Lonner Egert talking about the study of Botany and why it is so exciting...
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    Sierra – On the One Hand...Acorns

    sierra immageAcorns, a diet staple of California's Native Americans for centuries, have lost their gastronomical cachet, except among bears and squirrels. But the nuts may be poised for a culinary comeback.
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    San Francisco Chronicle - Acorns Make Surprising Dishes

    The journey - a pursuit of acorn understanding - starts on a cliff in Big Sur, wends all the way to a hot dog stand by the train tracks in Martinez, and climbs into the redwoods above Oakland. It's a trip that has history and myth, identity and environmentalism, fine dining and simple sustenance, and one that travels to the heart of what can be called California's earliest cuisine.
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    Earth Island Journal – This Thanksgiving Consider Cooking with Acorn Flour

    Acorn kernels provide a complete vegetable protein and they are full of minerals and vitamins that are absent in refined wheat.
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    Napa Register Article – Students Discover Nature’s Bounty Growing Along River

    To the knowing eye, a barren patch of nature can become a cornucopia of nature’s bounty. More than two dozen students from Vintage High School trod through a nature preserve along the Napa River, amid trees and shrubs brimming with usually unnoticed acorns, nuts and blossoms. Leading them to the riverbank were their guides for the afternoon, an ecologist and botanist who called constant attention to the hidden treasure at their feet or behind their heads.
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