Forth Annual Mt. Tam Oak Ceremony

Come co-create a ceremony of gratitude and healing for the California oaks. Enjoy a beautiful day on Mt. Tam celebrating the beauty, biodiversity, gifts, and ancient wisdom of our California oak lands. Find inspiration and wonder within the great web of life!

November 12 from 1-4 PM  

For location information and to sign up click here 

This is a family friendly event, and all ages are welcome!

This event is free. Donations are greatly appreciated   


While meditating on Mount Tam the tanoaks told me that their wisdom is leaving the planet. They used to be loved, celebrated and cared for.  They are sick, lonely and feel unloved. They asked me to bring back the oak ceremonies on Mount Tam. And as nuts as it may seem- I am going to do it. After all – Today’s mighty oak is just a little nut who stood her ground”.  Jolie  Elan

Why a Ceremony?

California Oak Primer

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