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In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught.” (Baba Dioum, 1968.)

Now, more than any time in history, it is imperative to foster a sense of understanding and connection to our natural world. Go Wild connects people of all ages to the natural world. We are skilled at nature interpretation, environmental education and curriculum development. We perform nature walks, class room visits and presentations for all ages, offering resources to private individuals, groups and non-profit programs.

Our educational offerings are:

Services Explained

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Wild Woman  – Your Nature is Calling

Through experiential learning in nature we will delve into modern science and ancient knowledge to better understand the natural world, awaken our instincts and interpret the language and signs of nature so that we can better know ourselves and fulfill our life’s true calling. It is for teachers, healers, nature lovers, and leaders and for all those that feel called to reweave their minds, bodies, hearts and spirits into the wild fabric of life for a joyful, resilient and healthy future. This program starts in February 2017. Click here for more information

Wisdom of the Oak  – Oak ecology and acorn food workshops

Join Go Wild for an ecological and culinary adventure into world of oaks and acorn food – the original California cuisine. A presentation on Oaks, Humans and the Web of Life on is followed by a hands-on playshop to handcraft our own acorn flour. Our efforts are rewarded with a tasting of acorn food. This workshop can be tailored for ages 6 to 106.

Go wild also leads Oak Ecology classes for landowners who wish improve oak habitats and manage Sudden Oak Death. More about Oak Workshops


Learn about our Wisdom of the Oak classes in this short video

Edible and medicinal plant foraging adventures

Go Wild EducationThe San Francisco Bay Area is home to an abundance of fabulous medicinal and edible plants. From abandoned lots to redwood forests, we are surrounded by amazing nature that can heal and feed us on many levels. These fun, interactive walks artfully interweave herbalism, botany, ecology and plant lore to help you identify and know the uses of local plants growing at your feet for food and medicine. Ethical wildcrafting, poisonous plants, post harvest processing and recipes will be discussed as well. Walks vary according to the season.

Earth Wisdom and Deep Ecology

oak_manGo Wild is founded on the concept that humans are not separate from nature. We are nature. Our culture’s insistence that we are other than nature has contributed to the destruction of our ecological health as well as the health of our psyche. Go wild offers experiential workshops that help to awaken our true nature and reconnect ourselves within the web of life on physical, emotional and spiritual realms. In these inspirational field classes we delve into ecology, mythology, botany, and wild foods and medicines. We strive to strengthen our rapport with Mother Earth and integrate spirit, nature and healing. Students will gain knowledge of basic ecological concepts and botany as well as how to interpret the signs and symbols of the natural world. This workshop can be tailored for ages 6 to 112.
See our Class schedule for more information

Custom guides to the wild foods and medicines on your land

If you steward a piece of ground – it could be your backyard or a land trust you manage – we can familiarize you with your local plants, their medicinal and culinary uses and stories. Go Wild performs ethnobotanical inventories and creates beautifully illustrated reports that contain the following information about each of the useful and fascinating plants on your land:

  • Pictures
  • Descriptions and identifying features
  • Herbal, edible and cultural uses
  • Stories, folklore and history
  • Recipes and herbal remedies
  • Natural history
  • Plant communities and ecological relationships
  • Recommendations for holistic land management and restoration

Guides can be simple or elaborate depending on your needs or budges. This is a great gift for nature lovers. Contact us for a free initial consultationcontact us

Beginning botany classes

Learn new ways of seeing and identifying plants. In order to safely and sustainably use medicines and food from the wild, we need to be able to positively identify plants by looking closely at what makes each species unique. This class will help students refine their ability to distinguish defining plant features and recognize important California plant families. Students will deepen their connection to the plant world and learn tools needed to identify plants on their own. This class is often offered as a series of three sessions but it can be scaled down to one session.

Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  • Recognize plant parts and describe them
  • Use botanical vocabulary
  • Understand general concepts of botanical classification such as the families and genera
  • Be familiar with botanical keys
  • Recognize members of important and common plant families
  • Identify plants definitively
  • Communicate with colleagues regarding specific plants
  • Locate online and media resources for plant identification and classification
  • Understand the basics of ethical wildcrafting.

Medicinal Harvester education

Go Wild offers training to harvesters and producers of medicinal plants to ensure sustainability, botanical identification, BMPs and quality control.

For more information on our Educational Programs See Go Wild Institute 


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